An exhibition or demonstration parachute jump is a skydive performed primarily for the enjoyment of spectators--at a sporting event, a mall, a convention--a site other than an established drop zone.

    More than one billion people worldwide shared a never-to-be-forgotten television experience during the Opening Ceremonies of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea, as they watched a group of expert skydivers build Olympic rings in freefall above the stadium. Although your event probably will not draw the same size crowd, it can generate enthusiasm and delight in the audience and make your celebration a world-class happening.

    A properly stages exhibition jump can be a dramatic form of promotion for any special event or product. These jumps are performed routinely every year for professional sporting events, corporate social occasions, political and charitable fundraisers and at many other public and private affairs.

    To make your promotional event "stand out" and be remembered long after the excitement of the moment has faded, consider hiring one of the professional skydivers from the Columbus School of Skydiving. It's fun, it's exciting and it's a cost effective way to capture the attention of everyone in the audience. Skydiving is an attention getter and a crowd pleaser that makes money for your event and your product. And the publicity doesn't stop once the event is over. Because skydiving is unusual, often it rates local newspaper and television coverage---publicity far more valuable than an ad could buy.


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